K'Oester" House is a Short-Art-Stay.
A small art residence where you can stay for a while. (Mini-gallery)
To get an impression of the ideas and works of art of the artist you can dive into the world and the view of the maker. You will get an insight into the creation of the works of art and the world that precedes Ans Bakker's glass objects. An insight into the life, the isolation and the inspirational places of the artist. Let yourself be influenced in the same way by nature, the landscape of the "Zeeland Light" Enjoy your S.A.S (Short Art Stay) "The Cherished House". 
The S.A.S offers space to come to inspiration yourself.
Quite a few were aware that K'Oester is a work of art in itself and houses a wealth of unique pearls that you would like to be among (and all are for sale).
for more info: koesterzeeland