'As long as you are not afraid to experience, you can learn to see beauty anywhere'.
Light of live..........

I am fascinated by ‘lives’, their origins, developments, desires, dreams and truths. I am inspired by the ‘light’ around persons or props. I use glass, wood, iron, copper and recycled things for my work. 
As a theatre designer I think in terms of images, films and parts of films.  I like clear language. Therefore I often create clear images. But I also like decorating, beautifying things, creating an atmosphere. It may take years to finish a series of objects. It is like digging up old fossils. They slowly develop under my hands, sometimes by working, but often by living. I would like to share, like ancient peoples, instinctively. Existing for thousands of years and yet new. Time has been frozen. Time is consciousness. Who needs a watch? 
For photos of these objects, click on ‘GALERIE’.

Ans Bakker, born in 1963 at Zwartsluis, Netherlands
1989-1993 University of the Arts  Theater Design Utrecht 
2010-2015 Higher Degree Glassart(BA), State Institute for Arts & Craft BE)

Ans Bakker glass studio | visual artist |
Neonweg 12E
3812RH Amersfoort

Open:  "Atelier Shop" open every wensday 11-17 o'clock. 
Neonweg 12 E Amersfoort (free parking on the street.)

M: +31(0)6 51 292 093
E: info@ansbakker.nl

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