As of 1-2-2021, my studio has moved to my private address in Amersfoort.
You are welcome to view my available glassware. 
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*Zeeland Magazine no.19 with an intervieuw of my work is in the store on november 2020
*I am delighted to have been selected for the upcoming publication and exhibition: New Glass Now at the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York  untill 5 jan 2020  "Zeeuws Licht no 1" Press release

"Light of Zeeland"
The longing for a new landscape, the terrain between heaven and earth. It is the colour that occupies me and the light of movement. Just what appears before me, I am not looking for it. The nesting in the earth, the fire, water and being shamelessly reborn. 
And always searching for that light and that deep desire to do it like that again.
"But it wouldn't be a way if I stood still" Ans Bakker 2017

Inspired by nature and her landscaping. 
Her beauty and vulnerability. 
How we always want to push the landscape into a design that suits us. 
Harvest from the earth to control or not.
My glass is a reflection of playing with control and surrender and find the right balance.

'As long as you are not afraid to experience, you can learn to see beauty anywhere'.
Light of live..........

I am fascinated by ‘lives’, their origins, developments, desires, dreams and truths. I am inspired by the ‘light’ around persons or props. I use glass, wood, iron, copper and recycled things for my work. 
As a theatre designer I think in terms of images, films and parts of films.  I like clear language. Therefore I often create clear images. But I also like decorating, beautifying things, creating an atmosphere. It may take years to finish a series of objects. It is like digging up old fossils. They slowly develop under my hands, sometimes by working, but often by living. I would like to share, like ancient peoples, instinctively. Existing for thousands of years and yet new. Time has been frozen. Time is consciousness. Who needs a watch? 
For photos of these objects, click on ‘GALERIE’.

Ans Bakker, born in 1963 at Zwartsluis, Netherlands
1989-1993 University of the Arts  Theater Design Utrecht 
2010-2015 Higher Degree Glassart(BA), State Institute for Arts & Craft BE)

Ans Bakker glass visual artist |
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