I’m going to take you on a journey…

Destination: Look down, I’m going to take you on a journey. I haven’t forgotten you. I saw you. I followed your path. I watched your struggles. I tried to make contact. I haven’t forgotten you. Feel what it’s like down there. Feel the darkness. Feel all your pain. Trust me. You can carry it. You’ve inspired me by being you. Keep silent. Let everything be. Appreciate EVERYTHING. Take your time. Everyone is waiting for you, your way. Only your way is the right way. Trust me. Renew your contact with everything around you. Give and take the space you need. Be silent every now and then. Listen. Listen. Music. Can you hear it? Have you really seen everything? Go your own way now and create. Give your unconditional love to it all and let it flow. Be a star and share your light.

Have a nice journey 
With love, Ans